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image1.jpgThe Statue of Liberty stands for Human rights in All Lands
She stands for Spiritual Awakening and victory of the human spirit over dark forces
The light in her hands and crown chakra is representative of all humanity – We the People
We have throughout the times of human history into the present
allowed dark horrors to be inflicted onto humans by humans
this activity pervasive in cultures across the planet
is not going to continue into our present and our future.
The Statue of Liberty stands as a symbol of our Freedom.
She symbolizes us rising out of the mind of the darkness and into the light

She represents us looking at the human condition and being a refuge for each other
Absolutely no law shall continue to be a human ‘law’ of any land which allows for the
bondage, flogging, torture, starvation, and capital punishment, murder of any human being.
We are all just men and women in this human race. Country and culture is secondary.
Our human law shall and must rise right now with our mass majority humane consciousness
leading the way.

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of an opportunity to network and unite around our global law
as Human male and female in all nations.

This is a movement and a platform for human We the People of all races and religions to gather our voices and rise out of repeating our human horrors.
To Punish man for mistake is of the Beast
To forgive, heal and transform mistake and pain to virtue activity and peace is of the Buddha Christ, Ascended masters, mother instinct etc….don’t get hung up on the word each being uses as their ‘God or divinity’ we need to understand and unite around the activity of such pinnacles of religions.
To whip, flog, torture, invade and kill is of the lower mind.
we now rise into our heart mind
the law to behave like Beast and shackle and war upon others is finished.

To talk, share feelings, and open wounds for healings is of the Divine mind, plan and higher law. Law in alighnment with ethics and a Golden Rule.

Are you a human on this Earth 2015 who is horrified that people are to this day inflicting, by law, inhumane torture onto others? Are you signing petitions to try to help animals and are your hearts feeling a strong pull to be a loving force on the planet? We are reaching critical mass and our mass consciousness is awakening to the truth of our divine potential as human beings. To love, to care, and to share – to heal, to grow, and to know what our divine gifts are to ourselves and our planet is the cycle we are in now.

A global platform for the peoples voice to rise
into ethics and our innate compassion and goodness to be empowered
a global platform that is a place for all people to join
that says we want to rise out of our sin
we want to sit and feel and keep it real
we want to heal

This is Tantra
a union with and belief in our inner goodness
our light that comes more alive as we do things and think things
that grow it
what we fuel expands
and this can be the most powerful good news
to the most powerful branch of the United States of America Govt
We the People
as we move as one with one voice
into our hearts
as humans
This is what the Statue of Liberty represents
Our ascension of our hearts to our minds as mass consciousness will reflect in our laws.
What happens in America goes global.
Why? because we are global humans gathered here – but America in this sense of the word is not a geography of place. America in this concept is without boundaries. It is state of mind of freedom to unite with values supporting life, liberty, and happiness. To rise out of our darkness as humans and into our light

our fourth chakra hearts are awake. we don’t want to punish anyone like Jesus was punished for his crime to love and lead into human heaven on earth activity. We don’t want those amazing gifts to humanity who are writing for peace, justice, and truth and love to rise in our world must be freed from any system of human law that is legalizing punishing love and torturing it. Not on this planet. Not again. We human race have to wake up and put our hearts and voices in one place to resound to all places. No where is it ok to publically flog and torture a human being like in Saudi Arabia Raif Badawi and countless Tibetans and women all across the planet too being submitted to unspeakable crimes. The only way this ends is our coming together to uphold a higher law on this planet and enact that law into our world.

This is a call for World Unity. Add your voice – and your favorite humane organization that you support locally and globally. This is the change for 2016 in the WhiteHouse. This is a call to the worlds people to join in a world awakening. The spectator sports can reflect our creativity of doing amazingly entertaining and wonderful competitions in our world, but never never again do we witness a law of torture or death onto another human being. The human nightmare ends.

The platform for We the People held in the symbolic potential of a higher law held in the hands of the Statue of Liberty and the torch in her hand and the star on her head represent this awakening mind and mission of humans. I encourage We the people to make a list and network as one to eliminate forever torture and war.

Please join your voice, intention, and human vibration with this international movement of our human race blooming and healing. Boys and girls. Men and women and our customs. Violence and domination is a custom of the past and is of the beast,demon, anti christ and anti mother mind in humans acting out.
Nonviolence, freedom to feel love and compassion and to take care our planet and each other is of the Mother mind, Buddha mind, Christ mind, and any other holy name you are comfortable inserting into the spiritual political platform of bringing the best of the best of our cultures and religions, and gender relations to directing out future as humans on earth. Every nation is our family and each nations business is everyones business.

We are sharing the same planet and the same moment. Peace benefits everyone and everything. to pledge allegience to a higher law is how we use America as a platform for humanity to attain freedom from war. By rising our voices for peace, writing apology and confession letters as individuals and as nations – this is communication to bring our hearts back to life. a mission and goal for this hypothetical 3rd political spiritual party and campaign compassion which is occurring as we speak and read in this very precious moment of awakening intentions in our world of possibility. yes we can.

advice from a 6 year old girl child
be nice to each other and share and like each other
tell them what nice is and hope others have a good life
to bring heart back to life by helping them figure out what to do
why would i want to live from my heart? it feels good to be nice.
be nice to them so they can feel what it feels like to love