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Campaign Compassion
Prayer for We the People

on this Eve of Tibetan New Year
our opportunity draws near
to rise together as a We the People
of many tribes gathered here

as ONE

moving together touching our innate compassion
like our hearts feeling the light of the sun
The Spirit of Love within us all
to rise from our fall

i pray to Mother Mary and all she holds dear
I pray to Jesus and his heart so clear
I pray to the Angels to guide us to see
I pray to the precious 3 Jewels
the Buddha times three
I pray to the human root of this our Family tree
I pray to the innate purity deep within We

I pray to all the thus gone ones
who deeply felt love for all sons (and daughters)
I pray to the Presidents whose hearts are heavy
I pray to the soldiers whose burdens are great
i pray to the past to reveal our new way
as we look back proudly and say
never again. it was a mistake
we renounce killing our brother
in every way
we renounce Vietnam, we renounce gun
we renounce hate and torture of anyone
we renounce and remorse our past mistakes
and make that where we unite as a human today
of any race. of any religion
i can see White House Change from War to Peace
like we died and went to heaven
in this life
good news
the majority rules
and the majority votes for Love and Compassion
as our Freedom. As our rule. As our quality we study and practice on Earth School.
our Spirit of Love alive.
when we stop killing life lives longer
it technically is a miracle bring the dead back to life
by inspiring the living to quit killing
we see the benefits of a better life. a better service, a better dream.
Pretend the White House is a Pearly Gate, (1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C.)
We the People surround the Whitehouse with love
(us with candles or lights or solar powered lotus lights)
we make Love and the Law merge, We value love in Church AND State, unite with Love as your intention. We walk with Tibet and His Holiness Dalai Lama to the White House as humanity.

I pray to the human not repeat those same mistakes which clearly caused pain
to pledge allegience to bringing healing as our united vow and change
I pray to our human race to stand and see
the vast benefits of serving a higher army
i pray to Christians who lost their way
bearing arms against thy neighbor as we pray
i ask ye please to serve a God of Love
rather than Gun
i pray to all those with karma with Jesus
who forgot about the Love of Christ within them
ready and willing to radiate out to all beings each day
and to recognize love beyond a religion
and to see the heart of the man beyond deception
what is being radiated out with a church and state united in weapons and war
while pointing the finger out calling terrorist.
i pray we see
and i pray to our wisdom to practice our kindness love and care
train in it as a service to country
regardless of nation gender or faith
there is inside each of us a happy place
I pray we see leaders who practice peace
i pray we follow the leaders who practice peace
not kill or steal in the false name of bringing peace
i pray our logic intelligence clicks in
as we recognize our own sin
and vow not to repeat
and may Peace leaders be the ones we follow on the open sea
this sea of love and liberation on which we sail
if we can but recognize our sea of suffering of which we create
and vow that we the people shall purify ourself, land, air and sea
as we nonjudgmentally recognize how we have polluted
our life and our world
and now vow to purify.
if you are in a state of rightousness
pointing to others as terror
yet are legalizing war and torture
please see church and state mistake
that is the truth. the other truth is that these types of
telling the truths to ourselves and having realizations
about our mistakes
makes change for the better possible
it makes possible the beauty of the divine plan
our best life, Oprah

when mirrored in the activity of America Government
we the people will be authentically fulfilling the American Dream
religious freedom plus people of any religion, or no religion, who also value compassion
as our basic instinct.
if we have a concept of God
we allows for the American dream
to establish laws in accordance with our
intelligence as it matures
We the People is the unspoken of 4th branch of the government
and the most powerful.
A higher dream for all peoples.
A compassionate dream of life, love, liberty and pursuit (and attainment) of Happiness.
Root ethics and values will plant seeds for activities.
The dream of America has yet to come
the dream is that when people change, law changes.
it allows the flexibility to redefine law as people redefine our humanity

if we serve weapons as service to your country as protection
you are being deceived saying you are serving God or Jesus.
The truth is you are serving fear and Guns.
Making the weapons your refuge rather than a Lord of Love
or a Leader of Love
or A Troops of Love.

If we speak of God as a concept of Love
and saying in God we trust rightously on our money,
but really
trusting in a State of Armed Force as Law
Weapon as protection
then the truth is as a Nation
We have not yet used our freedoms wisely

Looking out at human business
We are all a mixed ground of serving love and care
mixed with serving war and destruction and toxic.
The Statue of Liberty platform stands on the ground
that we can shift and stand on the common ground of serving love and care
as our service to country and business.
be it politics or religion.
I pray we see where we are now – and where we want be
by telling ourselves the cold hard truth about where and who we are now
is ground to discovering deeper truths
of who we are within.
if we are church or state of violence and pointing finger at violence
and spending money to kill violence – and thats just one example –
of where logic and love is missing.
then we rejoice that awareness.
see the violence for what it is. mistake
then stop thinking in the same way about right and wrong
and your perception of bible or whatever holy book we hold.
we need to address our false right to kill.
we need to take responsibility for it if we are Christian.
We need to actually follow our teacher.
He we help us see world war and bloodshed links us
and can unite us and heal us.
Christians follow Christ when they renounce killing.
and give their body and service to loving themselves and their neighbor.

may we not carry the dark gun through the dark tunnel as your protection.
as you hope to see the light.
you live the light within when we serve the light
and dress as Jesus would if you are a Christian.
unarmed. with love, forgiveness, and believe in a Heaven on Earth.
i pray we see past mistakes for what they are
mistaken veils
i pray they now can become clear
that we as a human tribe can commit to a happy new year
i pray the soldiers can be retrained
to directly touch the compassion inside their own brains
i pray we fund that which is regenerating life
to restore to the Earth her bounty and pure
to network as one to truly see
just what can be done on the human family tree
the miracles which await us to taste the fruit
when we work together to see what we can do
end hunger and awaken love could be the first business to address
in this call for tantric boot camps sos
i pray this day for these things and more
to manifest and walk through the door
where in the past militant broke through
the iron gates of our heart in the red white and blue
i pray we now can clearly see the intelligence in our chakras waiting to be set free
i pray it opens and shines a new day
on the feelings of all us human beings
i pray we can envision, enact, and engage in world peace
to transform our pain and our weaponry.
i pray we see the benefits of financial change
when the feelings of the Mother directly touch our brains
i pray in all things that we do
that our natural purity will come shining through
i pray for a golden age to land
in our time and in our hand
i pray we do something great
as co creators at heavens gate
i pray we catalyze a harmonic vibe
with celebrations of an Olympic size
Friends of Nations
and Green Platform of WE
the People of our human family tree.