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Dear Oprah. Let’s co create some
Campaign Compassion 2016 Peace talks to explore our inner morality and mind.

I believe it is already clear to you that
We are the creators making Heaven or Hell on Earth
samsara suffering
nirvana peace
are both within the play of the mind
thoughts and then what we do.

from the perspective of our Human Heart Intelligence.

Lets take a neutral plant like Ganja
and use it to make interesting Presidential Debate Talks 2015
with current President using Ganja and Guns as the topic
We need to stop and think about what we are doing

on and expanded version of OWN (One World Networking)

What is more dangerous Ganja or Gun?
I ask America.
Morally what do you condemn
and what is ok
each person different but i think it’s important issue to explore

we need to speak outloud (to ourselves0 what our ethics are
we need to hear ourselves think and speak publicallly
this is what i would like to see for a Compassion Campaign 2016 debate show – dates and times to be announced at a later date)

experiment with me on the topic of Ganja and Guns.

As part of the experiment
compare my mind as a girl Lady in service to love to Earth, neighbor, animals and self.

to the mind training of

The President or an American soldier
in service to the Gun.

Let’s just hear what each has to say
and then listen inside our hearts

with no judgment

but aware of a choice
does Ganja block the flow of Love
or does Gun block the flow of Love
which is more ‘harmful’

hear the difference
feel a new understanding
of the power of our awakening and the intelligence of our hearts

What is the mind of the training given to soldier or President as their duty and service?
no judgment just listen.
A show on tv
you can have a puff of peace pipe or not
your choice.

but after you choose
you have to speak or write spontaneously to the people
for ___?__ amt of minutes or seconds.

This is how we Campaign
May the Law of Attraction
prove itself
on the side of
Loving Action

so i share with you piece of my inner heart mind ideas with one breath of mw (maui wowie) for me, the confessor. This is transparency and authenticity. We need more spontaneous shows, Oprah, so that our thinking, feeling, and healing juices of discernment can grow quickly.

so there i offer one thing that happens inside of me when i One puff the ganja
what is one thing that happens for you when you One touch the gun?

One thing that happens to my feeling body is
the inner thoughts connected to faith in goodness in our world increase

me sensoring my brain in what is or isn’t possible is reduced.
and since my Dharma practice and innate mind is not rooted in impossible, but rather miracle mind, me and ganja have been a good companion during war on terror.

critical mind is reduced
creative expressive mind volume turns up
duty to serve, love, and protect Mother Nature is turned up
a microscope feeling of whatever issue is brewing just underneath the surface in my
being is brought to the forefront on a feeling level.

Songs arise.

so a puff mixed with my own love, intelligence, compassion and creativity work together and mirror each other. With a puff of ganja i feel compelled to share with outer world. either speech, writing, visual, or song. it’s interesting. but not dangerous. Guns on the other hand probably come with an entirely different mind, body feeling.

So ganja may lead to ideas which many would call magical thinking or fantasy, but exploring the fantasy one is able to see it’s root.
in samsara suffering separation or
union in peace and love?

What does inhaling the Gun mind do and create as reality?
Ethically which is more dangerous.
Can we use ganja medicinally to explore our mind
for those who feel it would benefit them?
or help us wean ourselves off our addiction to gun.

if playing or Praying
with child or with my own thoughts –

i have noticed more happiness when i allow myself to feel
and believe
in the reality of possibility of that which i speak.

World Peace. Friends of Nations.
One World Network
like a

One World Network Olympics Games – everybody gets a job!
and not just a job – a good job. meaning we do meaningful activities for a certain job assignment and then receive certain benefits that go with that job. Like Olympic Blue Team working on Water issues on Earth. Red team working on Fire (i.e. transforming fire weapons into compassionate forms) Green Team working farms and rainforests to reforest and organic farm White Team working on purifying our outer Air and inner speech/thoughts. with mw i feel more optimism and a duty to share in outer world my inner heart becomes just that. a duty. to serve a no gun plan for troops of Earth and instead join one of the 5 colored Olympic teams that are hiring for Olympic jobs as we plan our Olympics of Care. Short term and long term job assignments. Yellow Tshirt Olympic Team events are Golden Events. Golden Rule events. Loving events. Tantric practice teams of merging love and touch. We all have countless events within these major areas of focus.

samsara suffering and nirvana peace are both here – we in the middle ground co creating with one or the other
lets unite in the mind of co creating

Care & Compassion Campaign 2016

I think for a population plagued with apathy and paying for war ganja may be a medicine that can be used with intention to help open dialogue with our inner hearts.

Having a willingness to heighten ones awareness of whats going on in inner world takes xtra energy than just cruising on autopilot. way more mental energy and emotional energy.

No matter where my thoughts or feelings go they alway return to bring self up to baseline of ground of gratitude and happy in the moment that I am united with my inner aspiration to be of benefit. and this feels good. even when things feel bad.
regardles of level of my worldly success as writer or not
regardless of the status of my inner goals & accomplishments or dream actualizations, love is there.

Love dreams contain highs and lows. one has to be able to go to depths of both within their own self – thru real and fantasy – it’s all in our mind – with mindfulness we can consciously connect to our root intention of ground zero of our fantasy by exploring the fantasy verbally or in pretend. then one can witness and see and feel how they respond. they can see and feel difference in play that is rooted in compassion/joy/love
vs. the feeling inside when one fuels a noncompassionate root.
then look at government.

if we want to serve compassion in our world and in our Government moral law, we need to look honestly at what ‘is’ now. Is it serving compassion – yes, in some areas, but clearly in other areas we are failing miserably. the good news is we can fix it
it’s up to us. We the People.

Realizing the truth in that awareness allows us opportunity to be set free from the lie and actually live in the truth. compassionate service, intentions, activities would be funded rather than war. saying one thing and doing another won’t fly past our awareness anymore. we are more alert and logical. baseline intelligence – center of our intelligence – is rising into our hearts in mass consciousness. Yes we can change. And what can change is our relationship with Gun.

and Compassion. We have a Law of Attraction to the word. I see it written on police cars but now we are going to really Law of Attract to the mind and activity of Compassion. That is the Compassion Campaign 2016.

it’s time we upgrade while gently forgiving ourselves because we were doing what we thought was best given the mind training we were given along with the gun.

we feel the intentions now in a service that serving weapons and destruction. no matter how many times we are told it’s for security (keep you feeling safe) and for heroism (keep others safe) we look at activity truthfully and see ahha weapons is destruction not creating safe – they take life. We are not here to take life. We do not serve the Lord of Death. Yes, we will disarm.
why? because we want to live, and love is strong, and investing in brotherly love bootcamps and Olympic Activities of organized jobs as people helping people is TOTALLY possible.

peace pipe verbal camp

We use our words – not our weapons

soldiers, my beloved brothers,
can come become aware of what’s in their mind
those in prisons too
we have all sorts of
compassionate activities to grow it
in your daily life and mind.
Compassion is for all religions and no religions.
We invest not in war, but in peace
bringing peaceful activities to prison (now called Peace Camps)
communicating from our hearts is worth investing in
it is our medicine to war
and cancer

moving through our emotions is mandatory, but in safe acting out environments
not out in middle east or in uniform patrolling borders
or dodging bullets
and all the extended business connected to human destruction and poisoning life or apathetic droned zombies (yes, that’s us, we the people) We have to wake up our heart mind, ears, eyes, tongue and vibration. Tantra boot camps can do this. All things begins with ideas. Offering ideas are how plans get made. I offer my ideas and myself.

experiment with me and my mind – and let me talk side by side with your Obama chosen leader.
and then we listen.

our thoughts want to be rooted in logic and life. is a tradition or pattern something poison/toxic or hurting? Now thru more discernment and thanks to reality tv we see it now and I hope nonjudmentally and truthfully we make a rational self forgiving choice to stop doing it – or better politically said, ‘be the change’

and the change is peaceful,
participating in caretaking planet
each other as service to all countries.
service to human life, service to planet earth.
we have to think bigger than our separate countries mind set. we have to think global. as citizens of one earth. one race. human. and make group decisions as such based on human ground of human ethics. our code of humanity. our human rights. when we think of separate countries rather than states of police we think of now as states of people coming together in our world olympics of human code of ground zero – intention. freewill. service. to life, liberty and happiness.

with or without ganja I am aware being in the middle of samsara realities and thoughts and nirvana realities and Dewachen HEaven on Earth dreams.

what i still need ganja to get the volume of what i am feeling to be turned up.
perhaps we become more aware of love thoughts when we are with a certain person and that becomes our support or drug. what i think people are wanting, myself included, are thoughts that feel good and are believable in the real world,. thoughts that include everyone and love.
but more than that – we want to see the thoughts acted out in ‘reality.’ just like gun comes with thoughts.

Maybe troops would benefit to have 3 day boot camp in a safe house to feel faith or the warm cozy happy feeling and rejoicing our precious human life and power of love.

that’s all for now

Friends of Nations will grow and we will plant trees and love each other in this our very now life. please believe