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Easter Sunday writing for World Peace.

We the People is the most powerful invisible 4th branch of the 3 branches of American Government and also that branch has power built within the 3 branches of the Government.
(i.e. as the people, by the people, for the people)
If we think of a Government as a tree with 3 branches then We the People are the roots of the tree. We are also the fruits. What we bloom in our hands as we serve the tree. If the tree has gotten sick – we can heal it.
Once we see it.
We the People can shut down a Corporation in any Nation.
We the People can shut down war.
We the People could end World hunger in 6 days or less.
We the people are a massive power and no war or corporation could function without us.
We the People decide what to sustain on Earth.
We the People are the 7 billion+ human of us on Earth.

We the People are without borders. We = Everyone. People = Human beings.

In America, We the People have the power to shape laws and activity that affect the quality of lives of others. When we see the benefits of working together on good work we are law of attracted to we will naturally abandon weapons and violence for a better life.

May we ‘fight’ for that and stop perpetuating physical battle in our world because we don’t know how to communicate from our hearts with our words as human beings. This needs to be our training for male. (and female of course)

The SOS crisis is to our youth. Through desensitation through video games you are being trained to be law of attracted to battle. Deep down you are not. Boys need to be rescued and that is my prayer and plan every day as i blog and tweet about Heart activity from the White House. Playing shooter games via war or movie or video to our youth is killing neorons of loving enery connections in your brain and heart. It is not helping you think from your heart.

To participate in loving activity is our better life in THIS life. In a Nation, it is that Nations job to give you that opportunity. It is also we the People’s job to create that opportunity. What we fuel expands. Uprising with violence against any injustice will never get us freedom and happiness.

Campaign Compassion 2016 is a global campaign. We rise our Dream and rise out of our Nightmare. Please do not make war and have audacity to say you are living the Dream of Freedom as a Nation. War is a nightmare. To Love, protect, Care and benefit all of life is the Dream. Yes, we can.

We must Wake up from the nightmare and lets work the Dream for all beings. How? We have to open our hearts, listen to our minds, follow loving wise leaders, and make practical changes. When we feel different we naturally think different. So, we must work on our feelings. OPening up to love. How?

First we, as a mass consciouness begin to see clearly that our mind is acting out on each other and co creating our hell or our heaven. It’s all right here. now.

If we are ‘religious’ then i believe we need to use our relgion wisely and responsibily. If you think God and Gun go together you need to see that as a demi God and deception has gotten hold of your mind. It’s ok once you see it, our hearts intelligence can clear it. Yes we can think different. it only takes a moment of willingness.

On this Easter Sunday, I pray that those of any religion anywhere connected to Jesus embrace nonviolence as your path. Jesus would want to guide his followers to peace not war in the Middle East. Jesus would want to make Peace Parties and loving activities to do with his brothers in the Middle East. May we please Stop telling ourselves that the weapon is saving life and a form of protection. If Jesus’ Father is God and Jesus was love, then his Father was love too. All these patterns fighting are in our mind and Yes, we can break them. Love is that powerful if you let it affect you,
and your Countries dress code.

America is more than Christian, but if the subset of Christian America as a population embraced nonviolence and compassion it would ripple monumentally to the Middle East. The Buddhist are already there. 3.5 billion people label themselves as Christian/Catholic and That is a lot of power to make a peaceful change on our planet with one value shift. That is why i say standing with His Holiness Dalai Lama with our human intention to serve compassion in our world is our greatest power of any people, of any land or any religion. If Christians will take that spritually responsible change – miracles could happen and I know in my heart Jesus would rejoice.

– it’s time for Church – on Easter Sunday. With Jesus in my heart and on my head i go to celebrate our Lord Buddha who detailed the path out of suffering.

The army put enormous suffering onto Jesus and Jesus rose above the torture and suffering and death and continued to love and communicate beyond the limits of mortal flesh.

I have to say as a woman raised in the Christian church, I love Jesus, and my heart cries because i beleive Christians put suffering onto Jesus everyday that they pay for war in any land and call his name in praise and worship.

May every Christian, my family, my homeland, my roots allow our hearts to open to wisdom and love. Please may we have the responsible spiritual realization that the ‘false Gods’ you need to protect yourself from is not a form of Buddha, but our worshipping Guns and Money.

Learning from Buddha the path of virtue and compassion and Guru Yoga can teach us how to love like Jesus. It will teach you how to worship a Guru. Training us how to live like GUru. Jesus is the Guru I think of today b/c it is Easter. Many Teachers One LOVE. I wish we could make LOVE our Guru. May all religions learn how to hold preciously our teachers of LOve to mankind on our head and be like our teachers. Dress for Love. Let us practice Love as our power in Church and State. What i do you can do and more is what Jesus told us. Buddha said we all have divine pure light within we are just veiled. Let us resurrect our hearts – literally bring them back to life and mix it with money, jobs, and business.

How? I always think of a 21st Century Spiritual Olympics of Love activities, events, channels, news, networks, etc…

Think of it like this. We all know we have a .com world. I believe we have the power to create two.

We need to network all human businesses and indivdiuals working for the greater good into a .com(passion – freedom) network. This network of .com businesses will thrive and self sustain and expand. and be able to extend healthy loving jobs and benefits to those caught in the destructive network of business connected to dark money, militia, destruction, and poison. thereby the ability to extend benefits and jobs to those caught in the .com business connected death and pain. (i.e. .com(munist – militant)
True Freedom is the right to live and be treated with compassion.

We use the power of awareness of the Law of Attraction and our intelligence to orgainize ourselves in a .compassion based network to do miracle based work on Earth. And miracles can happen everyday for We the People when we Restore life where there is dismal. Bring colorful flowers, clean water, friendly smiles, and helpful hands to serve each other as we visit each others communities. Also sharing our hearts to each other via internet and in person. Where we brought war – now may we bring the opposite. These are Olympic events as humans

to each other as service to our Country…or religions.

with love and my apologies if i have offended while trying to help
in honor and great thanks to my precious Teachers
and my human heart.

~ Om Mani Peme Hum ~
In Service to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Jesus, and the cause of World Peace.
Spirit of Care Olympic parties and activities would be so much fun!
Hope your day today is filled with hope and belief in us living our heaven on earth.